Contract Diagnostics was selected by the American College of Cardiology to be official provider of contract review services.

Contract Diagnostics was selected by the American College of Cardiology to be official provider of contract review services.

About Us

Jon Appino

We are a nationwide consulting company, not a law firm, and the ONLY company that specializes 100% in physician contract review. It’s our passion and why we started this company. Please join us in redefining the physician contract review process.

Our team of contract review specialists has served many thousands of physicians in all specialties across all 50 states.

Contract Diagnostics was formed in 2011 and has been Jon’s passion ever since. He is dedicated to the education of physicians in the non-clinical (business) aspect of medicine. As the White Coat Investor says, he wants you to have a ‘fair shake’ when it comes to all things contracts. He has built a great team to assist in serving the clients of Contract Diagnostics.

Our experts will give you a 360-degree contract review, and will compare your compensation, benefits, and other terms to our data, so you have a better idea of whether your offer is standard, fantastic, or need a little work. Since physician contract reviews are all we do, we have a great frame around market norms, trends, and what you should expect, all customized to your specific situation, state, and specialty of course.

“We make sure you sign a contract you not only understand but can be proud of.”

“We started this company to help people, not to make money. We figured if we helped enough people, we would make some money. We’ve not strayed from this since. We run a boutique service here where everyone feels they are the only client. We make it simple for you to sign up, we understand your ever-changing schedules, and are here for you in virtually any capacity through this important process. We have created a better way of doing Physician Contract Reviews.”

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We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

How a Physician Employment Contract Review Works

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Average Turn-Around Time Of 3-5 Days for Contract Reviews (Rush Reviews Available)


Step 1: Call Us

After a simple online sign-up process that can be done from any phone or computer, you will have a dedicated time slot and we will get to work.


Step 2: We Start Working

During your dedicated 1-hour phone consult, we identify your personal preferences and background story. We do care and feel it plays a big role in what and how you request items and/or clarifications. Your family and career goals are important to us! Once we have a clear idea of what your needs are, we will then be able to formulate our strategy accordingly. Physician contracts are a tricky business sometimes and we are here to help you in getting what is best for you.


Step 3: Discussion with You

We discuss your entire agreement, including the compensation and benefits offered, and specify what we recommend you negotiate, change, discuss, or clarify. We will break the agreement and expectations down into layman’s terms you understand. We will answer all your questions and speak your language. You will exit this call with a specific plan of action, all customized to your specific situation. You will also be informed of our affordable flat fee packages so that you have a clear idea of our costs.


Step 4: Done!

Depending on the package you select, you will have access to us throughout the entire process. Even after the review and negotiation has taken place, our physician contract team will be here for additional calls, re-reviewing the agreement for changes, and answering all questions as you do your due diligence. We want to be sure you understand all and are proud of the future physician employment agreement with your employer.

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