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While the differences between a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant and a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy can be vast (and oftentimes job descriptions too) their employment contracts are not. While the vast majority, over 98% of all physicians, are under some type of employment contract many APP’s have not been in the past. This is a trend we have seen change in the past few years as state rules and regulations have changed with what APP’s and their role in healthcare delivery models. We are seeing more Nurse Practitioner contracts be offered across the country.

Many APP’s in various roles are now obtaining employment contracts. From private practice Dermatology to a hospital employed position in the Surgery department, Physician Assistant’s and Nurse Practitioners are receiving employment agreements in large numbers. These agreements, often 15-20 pages in length, are little changed from their MD/DO counterparts. The employment agreement may contain important details on termination, professional liability insurance (and the requirement for ‘tail’ insurance), and complex compensation structures.

We feel the same principles apply for these integral providers when it comes to their employment contract reviews – you need to fully understand it and have it reviewed by a professional. They may contain important (and maybe life-altering) provisions should you leave the employment. Common in these types of agreements are restrictive covenants, possible tail insurance requirements, productivity or quality bonus structures, signing or relocation dollars, and of course – employment benefits.

While the dollars earned by an NP, PA, or CRNA are different than their MD/DO counterparts their employment agreements are oftentimes not. They should be reviewed anon understood by a professional cognizant of your situation and role. We specialize in contracts here at Contract Diagnostics and would love to help.