Contract Diagnostics was selected by the American College of Cardiology to be official provider of contract review services.

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Contract Diagnostics (CDx) is collaborating with the American College of Cardiology to provide professional employment contract review services to ACC members

After an intensive interview and vetting process, Contract Diagnostics was awarded as the chosen provider of employment contract review services to American College of Cardiology members. The American College of Cardiology is a professional medical association representing over 56,000 members of the cardiovascular care team from around the world.

Cardiologist Contract Reviews

Cardiologists benefit from pursuing professional employment contract reviews as an area of career growth; however, very few medical professionals have any training in this area.

Contract Diagnostics founder, Jon Appino, explains that, “Our specialty is physician employment contract reviews and specialists like cardiologists can understand the need for hyper-specialization in a market. Cardiology is one of our favorite specialties to focus on. If it is a STEMI call, time in the EP lab, or just understanding when you are reading your imaging studies, we understand your craft and what your time is worth in the market. We are proud that the ACC chose Contract Diagnostics as the only provider of employment contract reviews, and look forward to serving more cardiologists throughout the country.”

Contract Diagnostics is a premiere provider of physician employment contract reviews throughout the United States. Their team of well-trained contract reviewers and legal experts are one of the best-known and most successful in helping physicians of all kinds navigate and negotiate contracts.

These employment contract review services will now be offered by special arrangement, at a special rate, to all ACC members.

This is a great opportunity for the many thousands of ACC members to get professional insight into their contracts.

About Contract Diagnostics

Contract Diagnostics was launched in 2011 by Jon Appino. The company has seen explosive growth, providing unrivaled results in the world of physician employment contract reviews.

CDx Helps Cardiologists With Contract Reviews

Professional physician employment contract reviews are essential at any stage of a medical career. Any physician in any specialty can work with the professional employment contract reviewers at CDx, either through a standard, comprehensive contract review, or for a compensation review alone (Compensation Rx).

CDx Helps Cardiologists With Pay Rate Negotiations

A team of highly specialized contract experts provide a 360-degree contract review which starts with the largest possible set of compensation data. These undeniable facts set a baseline for pay rate norms and pay rate negotiations.

Contract Diagnostics and the ACC

Contract Diagnostics offers flexibility in package options and pricing, and will now be more accessible than ever to ACC members who want to secure an ideal arrangement for the future of their careers. Press Contact: if you have inquiries about this news or to get in touch with Contract Diagnostics, contact [email protected] or (888) 574-5526.

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