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At Contract Diagnostics, our primary mission is to help physicians understand their market value. We do this by thoroughly assessing your current compensation structure and comparing it to other professionals in your field within your geographical region. Our insights will guide your compensation discussions, ensuring you get the contract you deserve.

Let’s dive into a recent case study exemplifying the power of our product, Compensation Rx.


A highly qualified pediatrician reached out to the team at Contract Diagnostics. After thoroughly analyzing this professional’s situation, he was prepared to have a different kind of conversation with his CEO about his current compensation.

Do you know the data behind your compensation?

A key point in this story is that the Compensation Rx analysis provided the most current information about comparable regional and local compensation rates. This provides a firm foundation for physician compensation frameworks and negotiations.

Evaluating the full picture of your physician contract

Rather than simply looking at base pay, many factors impact how much money you make as a medical professional. This is one of the strengths of Comp Rx’s system, and the level of analysis we provide during the 30-minute phone call to the client better equips the physician to have a detailed, data-driven discussion with leadership at his hospital. This case study is a perfect example of how a physician can take the information and data and apply it to their situation.


Following our consultation, this professional secured a substantial increase in his compensation over the next three years—an additional $70,000 per year—without any extra demands. He also secured an extra week of vacation each year, a chance to renew his contract every three years instead of every five, representing substantial financial gain and increased personal time. These benefits were secured with no added patient duties or work hours.

“This compensation and personal time increase were achieved after presenting the CompensationRx report, which provided a year’s comprehensive data. My CEO appreciated the data and immediately made an offer that exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a solid report – it was a worthwhile investment.”


The value of raising your hand

This pediatrician could have continued business as usual, renewing his contract each time it came up and asking for nothing more. Instead, he chose to raise his hand, reaching out to a team of professional compensation and contract reviewers and gaining access to fresh insights that resulted in more money. That’s all it took.

Don’t be afraid of the compensation conversation.

Rather than shying away from candid conversations about worth, value, and compensation, it’s important to lean in. These are the conversations where change can happen and are essential to a healthy work arrangement.

Have a coach and good data: invest in this process

There is a reason that companies exist that perform physician contract reviews. It requires an in-depth understanding of how contracts are typically set up and of compensation norms, data, and trends throughout the country. Enlisting the help of a qualified professional is the right choice for a conversation with stakes like this.

Why not ask for a raise?

Having this conversation too often is better than not having enough. What’s more, the vast majority of physicians are now employees. If you are an employee and have not had at least a 5% pay increase per year, you are taking a pay cut. This may mean you are not asking for a raise; you are simply asking for fairness. In any job market, in any situation, it is your right to raise your hand, raise your voice, and we can help you do it.

Contract Diagnostics

Investing in professional advice and up-to-date market data ensures you’re prepared to discuss your worth. It’s not simply about demanding a raise; it’s about advocating for fairness.

We are here to assist you at any stage of your career, helping you negotiate your contract. Your compensation should reflect your growth, new skills, and increased experience. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or a later stage, we can guide you to secure fair compensation.

To learn more about our services, visit or call us at 888-574-5526. We can ensure you are fairly compensated for your hard work and expertise.

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