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Anu Murthy Joins the Team at Contract Diagnostics.

[Kansas City, MO, 08/31/23] – Contract Diagnostics, a leader in physician contract reviews, is thrilled to introduce Anu Murthy as an Associate Contract Review Specialist. With her extensive healthcare attorney and practice consultant background, Anu’s expertise perfectly aligns with Contract Diagnostics’ commitment to providing comprehensive and informed physician contract review services.

Anu Murthy’s impressive journey is marked by her Juris Doctorate from the Boston University School of Law, showcasing her dedication to excellence in healthcare law. Driven by her passion for supporting physicians’ success while mitigating legal risks, Anu established her healthcare practice, realizing the critical role of meticulous contract negotiations, explanations, and drafting in physicians’ careers.

Anu’s trajectory took a transformative turn when she began educating residents and fellows on the business aspects of medicine. This expanded her role beyond legal consultation to a trusted advisor for clients seeking guidance in navigating complex healthcare landscapes. Over the years, Anu held senior leadership roles across diverse healthcare ecosystems, spanning academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations, for-profit entities, and private equity firms. Ms. Murthy is also a legal advisor to several private equity-backed startups.

Her multi-decade-long journey involved spearheading provider recruitment, nurturing service line growth, and co-leading numerous practice acquisitions. Anu’s contributions extended to crafting physician leadership development programs, mentorship initiatives, and diversity campaigns during physician integration processes. With hands-on involvement in critical areas such as EHR implementation, ACO formation, bundled payment initiatives, and compensation restructuring, Anu’s leadership role as Director of Federal Affairs for a major physician trade association underscored her advocacy for value-based payment solutions.

Anu’s multifaceted background, encompassing both employer and corporate experiences, equips her with a unique perspective to guide clients effectively. Her insights into the entire spectrum of employment and affiliation processes empower her to provide invaluable mentorship. Anu’s profound understanding of provider needs, including compensation, reimbursement, and compliance, stems from her deep involvement in the healthcare industry.

In early 2020, driven by her passion for personal interactions and commitment to empowering physicians and dentists, Anu’s path led her back to the practice of law. Fast forward to June 2023, when her wealth of knowledge and experience seamlessly merged with Contract Diagnostics, resulting in Anu becoming part of the firm. Her extensive expertise will now be applied to Contract Diagnostics’ systems and processes involving physician contract reviews and compensation analysis. Anu’s dedication to serving physicians ensures immediate benefits and opens doors to opportunities for both her and Contract Diagnostics to creatively address intriguing market challenges.

Anu Murthy’s expansive network of healthcare industry contacts enhances her understanding of prevailing market trends, enabling her to offer strategic insights. Having held leadership positions on the corporate side, Anu is now firmly on the side of her clients, advocating for their interests.

As an Associate Contract Review Specialist at Contract Diagnostics, Anu Murthy’s inclusion reinforces the company’s mission to empower medical professionals through comprehensive and informed contract decisions.

For further information about Anu Murthy or Contract Diagnostics, please contact [email protected] or (888) 574-5526.

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