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The most common questions posed at your physician job interview will cover a range of topics—from career motivation, clinical skills, and experience, to personal strengths and weaknesses, how you handle conflict, and where you would want your physician career path to take you.

We find that most physicians miss asking critical questions during the interview, questions that cover the elements that are among the primary reasons why physicians end up quitting their job down the road. The questions you should remember to ask cover areas such as unclear expectations related to compensation structure, how the bonus is calculated, CME days are not covered, insurance is not included.

To ensure that you ask the right questions to clarify vague and omitted elements during your interview, we have prepared the ultimate interview questions for you below.

A downloadable version of this checklist is available – download here >>

Checklist Compensation

  • Has the compensation structure changed in the last few years?​
  • What happens to my workload and call if a colleague leaves?
  • ​Can I take additional call for extra compensation?​
  • What is the moonlighting policy?
  • ​​​​How often will my production be reconciled? Meetings?

Do NOT give any numbers if they ask you, “What type of compensation are you looking for?” Just say, “I’m interviewing with great groups like yours, and I’m confident the compensation you are offering will be market competitive’

Checklist Benefits

Being clear about your benefits is crucial. Here are some questions you might want to ask when you’re negotiating your next physician job contract​.

  • How can I take my vacation time? Any specific policies?
  • Is there a match for the retirement plan?  Is there a vesting period with this? When can I begin participation in the 401k/403b/etc?​
  • What type of disability policy do you carry? What are the limits?​​​
  • Who is the beneficiary of any life insurance bought for me? What is the amount?
  • ​Is the CME/PTO/Vacation/etc. able to be rolled over year to year? Is unused time paid out?  Does everyone have the same time or are there differences?​
  • Will I be allowed non-vacation or CME days to study/take boards?​
  • What type of malpractice is offered? What are the limits? Is this the same for all?  Tail insurance needed​?

The biggest thing that is unknown is WHEN medical insurance starts.  Day one? Waiting period? Know if you need to buy COBRA insurance.​

Checklist Restrictive Covenants

No one wants to sign on with an employer only to find out that the practice is embroiled in a lawsuit, or worse, is a frequent flyer in the courtroom. Asking the right questions can help you identify those companies that might be too risky for you.​

  • Who has recently quit?​​​
  • Has anyone been terminated? Reasons?
  • ​Has the hospital ever tried to buy the group? What if?​​​
  • How is the company formed? LLC? Inc? LP? Assets? Buy-in?
  • Are there any active malpractice suits against the group currently?
  • ​Has the group ever had to go to court to litigate a non-compete?
  • ​How have disputes been resolved in the past?
  • What happens in the event of a disaster?​​