Contract Diagnostics has been selected by the American College of Cardiology as the official provider of contract review services.

We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.


How can I contact you?

You can call 888-574-5526 or email us at [email protected] any time!

Can you help with re-negotiation? I have a job but my contract is up for renewal.

YES. We have a specific package for your needs. We are familiar with your situation and how difficult it can be to discuss these, your requests, and needs with your employer/colleagues/partners. Reach out – we are here to help.

I have a $350 flat rate attorney that can do it. Why not use him/her?
We are glad you are getting it reviewed! Most attorneys want to either charge a flat fee and get you out the door or charge high hourly rates because you are a ‘rich doctor.’ None of this is needed. Contract Diagnostics is not a law firm, and we only do physician employment contract reviews – so we want to serve you the best, so you’ll return and refer colleagues. In addition, we have numerous datasets on compensation and benefits that law firms simply do not have. In addition, there is never a conflict of interest with your hiring employer – we only work for you, the physician.
Are you a law firm?

Absolutely not – and that is a good thing. We specialize in contract reviews – not legal reviews. We do not take legal cases, spend time in court, nor operate as a law firm. We give ‘deal’ advice and not legal advice so you know you have the best deal for your career/family/finances. Should you need a state-specific attorney we are able to refer you to in-state counsel that can help with your needs. For more details, please review our full disclaimer here.

What is the difference in your firm?

Choosing a firm to review your contract is one of the most important decisions you will make. We offer flat rates, deferred invoicing, numerous data sets, full compensation analysis and more – these are just some of the competitive advantages you’ll have by utilizing Contract Diagnostics. Maybe one of the most important reasons to use Contract Diagnostics is that reviewing Physician contracts is all we do. Many firms want you in their database to sell you disability insurance or investments. Other firms are affiliated with Physician recruiters. 100% of our business at Contract Diagnostics is physician contract reviews. It’s our sub-specialty!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Contract Diagnostics has a very active referral program. Send us your friends/colleagues and we provide gift cards back to you as a ‘thank you’. Please have them input your name when they sign up! For affiliate programs, please email [email protected] for more information on having us work with your physician clients.

What is the cost?

We would love to share our packages with you – please contact us! Contract Diagnostics has numerous packages to suit your individual needs and budget, starting at $250. Our prices are very competitive for what you will receive – but may not be the cheapest. Choosing a professional to review your contract should not go to the lowest bidder but the firm that offers the best value. If you think about how much time and money you have invested in yourself and your training, ensuring the best review that doesn’t miss any details is the most important thing.

How long does the process take?

Our review times vary depending on the time of year. Usually, we try to get all contracts reviewed in 3-4 days. If you need a quicker turn-around time, just call and we will get it worked out. Overnight service and ‘rush fee’ may be available should you need them.

What kind of results with negotiation?

Most of our physicians have been very happy with the results. Individual results can vary and of course there are no guarantees. That being said, from your ‘wish list’ and needs we always get their ‘best and final’ on the table, clarify on numerous items, and pick up on any red flags from those we are discussing your points with. It is often the non-monetary clarification items that have more impact.

I'm currently on a J-1 or H1-B visa. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Contract Diagnostics is familiar with the nuances of Visa deals. Should you need immigration services, we are able to recommend a specialized immigration attorney.

What is your experience?

Contract Diagnostics has years of experience working from all sides of the transaction. 100% of our work is in physician contract reviews. We do not sell insurance, do physician recruiting, or offer investments. We do not take cases, go to court, or sue people/companies. We only do physician contracts. Contact us and we will help with yours.

How a Physician Employment Contract Review Works

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Average Turn-Around Time Of 3-5 Days for Contract Reviews (Rush Reviews Available)


Step 1: Call Us

After a simple online sign-up process that can be done from any phone or computer, you will have a dedicated time slot and we will get to work.


Step 2: We Start Working

During your dedicated 1-hour phone consult, we identify your personal preferences and background story. We do care and feel it plays a big role in what and how you request items and/or clarifications. Your family and career goals are important to us! Once we have a clear idea of what your needs are, we will then be able to formulate our strategy accordingly. Physician contracts are a tricky business sometimes and we are here to help you in getting what is best for you.


Step 3: Discussion with You

We discuss your entire agreement, including the compensation and benefits offered, and specify what we recommend you negotiate, change, discuss, or clarify. We will break the agreement and expectations down into layman’s terms you understand. We will answer all your questions and speak your language. You will exit this call with a specific plan of action, all customized to your specific situation. You will also be informed of our affordable flat fee packages so that you have a clear idea of our costs.


Step 4: Done!

Depending on the package you select, you will have access to us throughout the entire process. Even after the contract review and negotiation has taken place, our physician contract team will be here for additional calls, re-reviewing the agreement for changes, and answering all questions as you do your due diligence. We want to be sure you understand all and are proud of the future physician employment agreement with your employer.

Get the dedicated and dynamic team on your side who understands your story.

Whether it’s a compensation review or a contract negotiation, you will have peace of mind knowing that your due diligence resulted in the best possible package for your career and family.