Elevate your financial advising services for physicians with Contract Diagnostics.

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Of physicians don’t understand their compensation structures


Of physicians feel they are not paid fairly.


Of physicians are anxious about their future.

Increase contributions to managed accounts.

At Contrast Diagnostics, we offer access to the nation’s leading compensation data and analysis, contract review services, career advice, and negotiation strategies for both new and established physicians.

With our innovative Contract Diagnostics system, we provide essential tools for financial advisors that lead to increased physician income, satisfaction, and contributions to managed accounts.

Our specialized financial assistance is tailored to the unique needs of physicians, focusing on the potential of future assets rather than just current portfolio management.

But it’s not just the physicians who benefit from working with us. Our financial advisor partners also see a significant boost in their business, thanks to our ability to make you look like a hero, offer discounts to select firms and provide a track record of satisfied physician clients who will grow your business through word of mouth.

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Jon Appino has over two decades in healthcare, including the past 11 years growing Contract Diagnostics. After Contract Diagnostics disrupted the contract review space at a national level in 2009, they have discussed over 10,000 contracts with physicians. They are focused on the education of physicians, exclusively around their contracts and compensation structures.

Elevate your financial advising services for physicians with Contract Diagnostics.