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As a Doctor, do you know your market value?

Most physicians do not.

With Compensation Rx, we can fully evaluate your current compensation structure, compare it to others in your geographic region, help you determine how much you should be making, and even guide you on what that discussion should sound like as you negotiate or discuss it with them.

The Most Up To Date Compensation Data In The Industry! – ONLY $297

“I am a returning client and have benefited from the professional expertise and access to MGMA data which was shared with me. This assisted in seeking appropriate compensation for my sub-specialty. Highly recommend contract diagnostics. I will utilize their expertise again when my contract comes up for renewal.”

– Sanjay B


Of physicians haven’t had a raise in over 4 years


Of physicians are anxious about the future


Of physicians feel they aren’t paid fairly


Of physicians only take 3-4 weeks of vacation a year


Of physicians don’t understand their compensation structures

Is it fair?

Not even kind of. But we’ve got your back.

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#1 Choice For Physician Compensation Review In

All 50 States For Every Physician Specialty


We’re curious…

  • When was the last time you discussed your pay or compensation structure with your employer?
  • Are you wondering how your salary, incentives, bonuses, and production numbers stack up against other physicians in your specialty or geographic area?
  • Is your current contract losing ground to incoming doctors?
  • You trade time for money as a physician – but do you understand this vital relationship?
  • Does your compensation line up with your production?

We help to balance the equation on physician pay by evaluating your current pay structure and then helping you determine if you are being paid fairly for your market.

We focus on equipping you with the tools and resources to negotiate higher pay, bonuses and utilize data (our internal proprietary data as well as well-recognized national surveys) to help you achieve the total physician compensation package you deserve.

The Most Up To Date Compensation Data In The Industry! – ONLY $297

Ready For Review?

I appreciate all your amazing help in this daunting and confusing process. I was almost ready to sign on the first go around, but your recommendations gave me the confidence to finalize the decision for even more than I could have hoped for. Keep up the stellar work!

– Victor H

How Our Compensation Review Process Works

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Step One

Step 1: Fill Online Form

Provide us with your current compensation/situation/specialty via our online form.

Step Two

Step 2: We Send You a Custom Dataset

Within 48 hours, our expert team will send you a custom dataset so you can evaluate your physician compensation using factors like base pay, RVU’s, collections, signing/retention bonuses, student loan amounts, as well as vacation and CME.

Step Three

Step 3: Call to Discuss The Report

You will also receive a 30-minute phone call with one of our team members to discuss your situation and the report. We will talk through your situation and provide guidance and coaching on how to begin this conversation with your employer.

Ready For Review?

I felt like having salary data and a plan on how to approach negotiating was very empowering when it came to discussing my contract with my employer. It also gave me peace of mind to have someone review the contract and break it down into more understandable language.

– Dustin H

Why Do You Need Compensation Rx?


We know whether or not you are getting paid fairly for the efforts you make daily!

It is no secret that physician compensation can be a difficult discussion with potential employers. We make it a simple one.

We know there is no easy way to currently talk about this topic.

Discussing physician compensation is often taboo. Having an independent third party to discuss your personal situation confidentially is invaluable.

With over a decade serving physicians, we are the only firm in the country focused on helping physicians (not hospitals) understand and discuss pay.

Hospitals pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants and large organizations each year to determine how little they can pay you. We are the only firm in the country focusing on the physician in this equation.

You have no training in this.

Physicians are well trained in their respective roles as clinicians and scientists. Unfortunately, you are not trained in evaluating physician compensation and how to have these stressful conversations. We love to listen and share with you what we have learned over a decade in this market. We are experts in negotiating and discussing physician compensation.

Healthcare is drastically changing.

As the finances of healthcare change, so does how an employer looks to physician compensation and their highest-paid employees, i.e., physicians. They are armed with data, contracts, consultants, and knowledge that you are not. We balance this by arming you with the data, knowledge, and your consultant throughout the process. We then help coach you on how to best proceed (or we can have this conversation with your employer for you if you wish).

You do not have to have this difficult conversation, but you should.

When it comes to your pay, you can do two things: 1) Ignore the discussion and let the employer dictate it; 2) Play an active role in understanding it, negotiating it, and being involved in it.

We Are Experienced In Every Physician Specialty In All 50 States.

We have done Physician Contract Reviews since 2011, for every specialty, in ALL 50 States, from Nurse Practitioners and CRNAs to the most highly sub-specialized surgeon. We are genuinely focused on you as the provider and understand ALL the variations in your particular market. We have raw, internal data from over 10,000 Physicians we have served, providing crystal-clear clarity on actual physician compensation data. Our data is real-time, so there is no national survey lag (typically 14-20 months behind).

We Coach You Through The Negotiation.

We provide you with a 30-minute phone call with one of our physician compensation review specialists. You have the option to have ongoing support and personalized coaching on how to negotiate your contract in a style that fits your personality. Part-time Pediatrician in your first agreement? 20-year Cardiothoracic Surgeon on to your 4th program creation? We know your situation and how to customize our process to YOU. We genuinely have your back.

Super fast turnaround time and very helpful responses in contract review. We had used an independent lawyer for a previous job that cost three times as much and was not nearly as helpful. Would definitely recommend to my colleagues and would use again in the future.

– Michael K

If you are not satisfied neither are we!

This is why we offer a no questions asked money back qaurantee!

About Our Team

Our team of professionals includes MBAs and healthcare attorneys. We have worked with physicians for decades in various roles and capacities. Our constant dedication and focus to keeping up on critical areas in physician compensation provide us the perfect niche for this vital discussion with you.

These areas include:

  • Physician compensation trends
  • Market norms
  • Hospital margins
  • CMS changes
  • Private equity moves

… and many other areas that directly impact physicians earning capacity and compensation structures

“We are helping rebalance the knowledge gap around compensation between employer and employee.”

Meet Jon – Founder, Compensation Rx

Jon Appino completed his MBA in 2004 and launched his first healthcare company in 2006. Contract Diagnostics was formed in 2011, and it’s been his passion ever since. He is dedicated to the education of Physicians in the non-clinical (business) part of medicine.

As the White Coat Investor says, he wants you to have a ‘fair shake’ regarding all things contracts. Jon resides in the quiet suburbs of Kansas City with his wife and two young children. Travel and fitness are passions outside work and family. Ask him about travel and share your stories!

Transitioning from a military to civilian career, I had a lot to learn. Contract Diagnostics was a great source of accurate and timely information. Jon and his team were very quick to respond to my questions and concerns and their guidance very quickly paid for itself and then some. If you are considering using this service, stop considering and just do it!

Becky P

Compensation Rx Package


The Most Up To Date Compensation Data In The Industry!

What Do You Get?

Salary & compensation data

You will receive a customized proprietary dataset, more up to date and current than any nationally published dataset available.

30-minute call with an expert

The real value in addition to numbers is the discussion with an expert – which is not available anywhere online, even if you wish to spend thousands.

Custom and proprietary blended data-pull specific for your situation

While we utilize the powerhouses for compensation data such as MGMA, AAMC, and others in our analysis of your specific situation, it’s not all we provide to you for your decision.

We all know national datasets are at least a year behind, and current market trends will not be reflected for another year, making national datasets quickly outdated.

In a world of pandemics, CMS changes, EHR updates having the most up to date compensation data paired with expert advice is a tool that is not offered in any other place (or is not available outside of CompRx)

fixed price


We review the report before we send it to you by email.

If you are not satisfied neither are we!

This is why we offer a no questions asked money back qaurantee!

(Need to purchase more than one? Contact us for volume discounts).


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What do I get?

You will receive data on state and regional markets for compensation around total pay, wRVU’s, collections, signing and relocation bonuses, and time off and CME. We have complete compensation structures as well. The data will be for any state market you wish in the US. The magic comes in with the phone call discussion around your individual story and facility.

Can I get multiple sets?

Yes. There is a discount for multiple sets. Contact us for volume discounts.

What data do you use?

We use the national ‘gold standard’ for data and an internal dataset (real-time, not delayed like other data) from our parent company, Contract Diagnostics.

Who will I be speaking with?

You will be working with someone that has talked with thousands of physicians about their compensation structures. All our associates are masters level or above for training.

What is the lead time for the data or a call?

Typical lead times are 1-3 business days.

I am a new graduate – can you help me?

Of course. You should always have your entire agreement reviewed by a professional organization. Our parent company, Contract Diagnostics specializes 100% in this. We can, at Compensation Rx, provide the compensation data only if that is all you need.

I have a contract, will you look at it?

No. We only review compensation. Our parent company Contract Diagnostics specializes in contract review and negotiation.

What if I purchase a dataset from CompensationRX but then decide I need a contract review? Are there options?

Yes! We can upgrade you to a contract review through Contract Diagnostics

I am in academics, do you have data for this?

Yes! We know academics well and would love to help. Our data can be pulled for academic positions and non-academic positions.

What about my position in X state?

Yes! We can pull data for all states and regions. We know the significant differences between states and the size of town you are/will be practicing in.

Our Process is Easy
for you, a busy professional

Our process was built with your busy schedule in mind.
You can quickly and easily sign up on this site to get the process started.

Not Confident Negotiating a Better Compensation? Our Data Can Help You.

We can remove the overwhelm from taking those next steps to renegotiate your compensation. Our unique structure was created by physicians for physicians to make sure you know your value – we are here for you!

I had a meeting about my contract and after a thorough discussion of the details, I was able to get another week of paid leave and an increased signing bonus after negotiation. Recommend especially for the first contract out of training.

– Taylor R

If you are not satisfied neither are we!

This is why we offer a no questions asked money back qaurantee!

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