We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

Pain Medicine Contract Reviews

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At Contract Diagnostics we believe in results based, efficient, and comprehensive pain medicine contract reviews. Our systems and processes are unique – you won’t find a doctor contract lawyer doing pain medicine contract reviews like we do.

When partnering with Contract Diagnostics for your pain medicine contract review, you’ll sign your employment agreement with complete confidence. We will show you how to negotiate a pain medicine contract and you will have no doubt as to the strength of your package and how it stacks up to your colleagues in similar practices in the same geography. Contract Diagnostics unique consultative approach takes care of the compensation and benefit portions of the deals.

It’s simple to engage us in your pain medicine contract review. Send an email or pick up the phone and call our offices to be put in touch with one of our pain medicine consultants. They’ll walk you through the process and help select the best package for your needs. We’ll complete your initial review within 24-48 hours of receiving your pain medicine contract review. You’ll be well taken care of!

Contract Diagnostics has years of experience to serve the needs of its clients. We’re not a law firm but a consulting company that specializes in pain medicine employment contract reviews. Please browse our website for more details on how we can help you, and contact us when you’re ready. Again, we’re glad you’re here…

How a Physician Employment Contract Review Works

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Average Turn-Around Time Of 3-5 Days for Contract Reviews (Rush Reviews Available)


Step 1: Call Us

After a simple online sign-up process that can be done from any phone or computer, you will have a dedicated time slot and we will get to work.


Step 2: We Start Working

During your dedicated 1-hour phone consult, we identify your personal preferences and background story. We do care and feel it plays a big role in what and how you request items and/or clarifications. Your family and career goals are important to us! Once we have a clear idea of what your needs are, we will then be able to formulate our strategy accordingly. Physician contracts are a tricky business sometimes and we are here to help you in getting what is best for you.


Step 3: Discussion with You

We discuss your entire agreement, including the compensation and benefits offered, and specify what we recommend you negotiate, change, discuss, or clarify. We will break the agreement and expectations down into layman’s terms you understand. We will answer all your questions and speak your language. You will exit this call with a specific plan of action, all customized to your specific situation. You will also be informed of our affordable flat fee packages so that you have a clear idea of our costs.


Step 4: Done!

Depending on the package you select, you will have access to us throughout the entire process. Even after the contract review and negotiation has taken place, our physician contract team will be here for additional calls, re-reviewing the agreement for changes, and answering all questions as you do your due diligence. We want to be sure you understand all and are proud of the future physician employment agreement with your employer.

Why Our Clients Love Us

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Testimonials From Some Of The

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"The way you explained everything makes me feel very comfortable signing this contract. Thank you."

Julia, MD

"I wish I knew about this service 6 years ago, I think I could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and a big chunk of my career."

Vishal, MD

"Jon! I got the $10k signing bonus! Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to ask!"

"Mike was a blast to work with. Thanks for making this process easy on us."

"I’m so glad I used your company 3 years ago. I’m now transitioning to another employer and we have the contract set up perfectly for me to leave, relatively untouched."

"They said yes to everything we asked for. This was an amazing process."

"Jon, you impact families with the work you do. Keep doing the good work. My family thanks you."

"I will be passing your information on to everyone at my program!"

Rita, MD

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